Well, in the blogosphere it’s more like “Last!” considering people have been playing this game for so long.  So why come off the bench now?

I’ve been considering getting back into blogging for quite some time.  Yes, I’ve blogged before, but it was a completely different format and served a completely different purpose at that time in my life.  Last time I was fixated on how many people where hitting my page each day, and what ploy I could enact to get more and more readers.  Eventually it became toxic, as I ended up tailoring my posts simply to try to target certain audiences.  I finally had a Newsroom like moment where I realized that what I was doing was borderline harmful, not just for the readers (what service was I actually providing?) but for myself (I could point at the mirror and say “sellout” and be right).  No more.

The Newsroom

Pondering moralities…

This go round, I plan on sharing personal lessons learned on a variety of topics, from home projects (there are LOTS of them), to family conundrums (does anyone REALLY know what they’re doing when raising kids?), to some of life’s simplest pleasures.  The goal will be to pave the roads that I’ve traveled so that it’s easier for those who come after to me to enjoy a smoother ride.

So fire up those engines.  Hopefully the journey will be long, the lessons learned a plenty, and we all enjoy the ride.




Mr. Fox