Cub Spouts

Our cubs, Foxy (6 years old), Lil’Bear (4 years old), and Owl (1 year old), are constantly saying and doing things that blow our minds.  It’s one of the great joys of being a parent.  Here are some of our recent favorites….

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Foxy: “Drinking cider is like drinking sunshine and rainbows”

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As Foxy is wiping his tears following a dispute with Lil’Bear, Lil’ Bear turns to him and says:

“I ate’d yo cookie.  You didn’t want it.”

Ate'd Yo Cookie

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After Lil’Bear got out of the shower before Foxy did:

Foxy: “Hey dad…  I didn’t complain about not getting out of the shower first.  I’m starting to feel pretty good about my life.”

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While Mrs. Fox is strapping Foxy into his car seat:

Foxy: “Someone’s breath smells like pool water.”

Mrs. Fox: “Are you talking about me?”

Foxy: “Yep.”

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 Mr. Fox: “What should we do today.”

Foxy: “Have fun, wreck the house, make some popcorn.”

Mrs. Fox: “I hope you’re kidding.”

Foxy: “Yea I am.  We won’t have popcorn.”

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Out of nowhere, while playing with Legos, Foxy says in a Darth Vader voice:

“Eat the meatball!”

Eat the Meatball

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Foxy, an hour after bedtime, appears at the top of the steps wearing a ninja turtle mask and a cape:

Foxy: “I am Stupendous Man.  My sensors are sensing trace amounts of chocolate.”

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I’m guessing this won’t be the last you hear from this crew….


Mr. Fox