Money Savers

Build a cheap, wooden trellis that lasts!

Mmmmm, tomatoes...

For the past few years we’ve tried a variety of garden trellises to help keep our plants off the ground, but none of them worked as well as advertised.  Most were either too thin, to fragile, or just collapsed under the weight of our harvest.  So this year I did some digging, and decided to … more

Cut that cable!

The new way to watch TV

So we finally did it.  We plunged in head first.  After months of debating, I found the sharpest pair of scissors I could find and cut our cable cord. Ok, not literally. But for all intents and purposes, the result was pretty much the same.  No more live TV in this household. It happened a … more

Shave and save

Ta da!

Shaving is something that most people have a love-hate relationship with.  We all love to hate it.  Society deems it a necessity (to a certain extent), and therefore we’re forced to spend time, money, and inevitable pain (don’t pretend that you’ve never nicked yourself) to give ourselves perfectly smooth “baby’s-butt” skin. I used to dread … more