Who is Mr. Fox?

Mr. Fox

Who the cuss am I?

My name is Mr. Fox.  I started this blog to pass along some of the many things that I have learned, not through sitting in classrooms or lectures, but by going out into the world and figuring them out first hand.

By day, I apply my trade at a software company.  I spend my evenings with the lovely Mrs. Fox and our three cubs, let’s call them Foxy, Lil’ Bear, and Owl.  Together we live in a quaint 1920’s – 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home.  By no means is it our dream house, but over time we’ve been doing what we can to make it work for us.

If nothing else, I hope this blog will help to chronicle some of the many things that we have done and learned, so that hopefully it can be passed on to our children as they get older.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.  Thanks for reading.

Here’s to our…. survival.

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